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Mother/Daughter/Son Buti Yoga Glow
September 24th @ 7:00pm


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✨Mother/Daughter/Son Buti Yoga Glow is back! You don’t want to miss this amped up fun glow event. All little ones including sons and daughters are invited.✨

Bring your little ones and your lovely self, to this fun filled Buti yoga glow event! This class is for any age and all levels are welcome.


We will start painting at 7:00pm and will start our Buti glow class under the black lights around 7:30 pm. Dress in your most neon colors, leave some space to paint and be ready for a glowing good time!


This class is for all ages and is silly enough for the kiddos, yet challenging enough for mamas to squeeze in a workout and break a sweat.


🌟 Buti yoga is a one-hour class that is set to heart pumping music with cardio, intuitive movement, plyometrics and is sewn together to a vinyasa flow. It is fun, upbeat and you’ll be sure to have a great time!


Space is limited!

18 spots available. This Buti Yoga Glow event is 25$ for mother/child pair and 5$ for each additional child. 3years and under is free!


Event Time: Saturday, September 24th @ 7:00pm

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