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Let Your Mind Unwind

Wild Lotus Wellness


Wild Lotus Wellness

Hello Lovelies!

Welcome to Wild Lotus Wellness. We are a small yoga/wellness studio located in Baker City, OR. We started our studio in April of 2018. Since then, we have been evolving, growing, and providing yoga and wellness classes to our small, lovely community.


At our studio, we provide a place that is welcome to all walks of life, fitness levels, backgrounds, ages and spiritual beliefs. This is a space where you can feel safe, loved and accepted; with zero judgement or expectations. Be ready to let your hair down, let go, and find your inner self love through movement and breath  with our various class offerings. Just come as you are and get ready to let your mind unwind and let go!

Just remember, you are welcomed and you are loved. 

See you soon!




Cheyenne Christensen

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Hello Beautiful Beings my name is Cheyenne. Just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself, and share a little bit of my journey into this practice and pathway. As I just finished completing the 200ytt I have learned my styles of yoga, meditation, pranayama, non-violent communication techniques, and trauma informed yoga/mindful practices.

After becoming certified last May to teach Buti Yoga, I have fallen in love with teaching and sharing such powerful practices that have been a huge part of my personal healing process and has given me so many wonderful tools on how to come back home to myself.

As I started my own yoga journey 3 years ago to help move through my own emotional traumas and blockages. Full of anxiety, depression, and intense shyness. I felt lost, disconnected & dissociated with my mind and body.

As I started noticing the impact these practices had on my daily life, I knew movement was my medicine. And if I could share this practice with those who needed this practice as much as I did when it found me, my heart would be full.

As I continue this journey of self healing and self inquiry, I have found a deep connection to energy work and healing. As of last year I have started practicing Reiki and am now a reiki practitioner sharing the universal love with myself and many others.

I have always be on the whimsical side of things, an earth witch, Crystal collector/hunter, you can find me dancing at almost anytime of the day, and a creative intuitive craft maker from dreamcatchers, embroidery, and anything that comes into the creative field.

Here to spread awareness, compassion, and help shine light on the darkness so we can rise together. Looking forward to sharing Yin, Hatha flows, Buti Yoga, and some magical meditations with all you beautiful humans.

Buti Yoga, Hatha, Yin & Meditations.

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Katirah VanGaasbeck

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Katirah found Buti Yoga in the summer of 2018. She fell in love with the practice and got certified in 2020. Currently, she is teaching Buti Yoga and is in the process of doing her 200 hour yoga teacher training which will allow her to teach various types of yoga.
Katirah, was initially drawn to Buti Yoga because it was so different than anything else she had ever tried before. The sweat, the music, the challenge, the chakra energy rising through our bodies with the spiraling and static shaking was a life changing experience.
To Katirah, movement is a healing process, both physically and emotionally . Yoga and moving our bodies in creative ways has the power to heal our mind, body, and spirit. Katirah’s goal when she teaches is to take ego out of the practice and provide a space for people to feel comfortable in their bodies, leaving every class feeling empowered and strong.
In her spare time she enjoys spending time friends and family, traveling, and adventuring with her husband and two adorable dogs.


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Desiree Macy

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Buti Yoga & Vinyasa

Buti Yoga


Owner and founder of Wild Lotus Wellness Desiree, is a life enthusiast and lover of life. She wants to share all the beauty that yoga has shown and taught her through her journey. She teaches Buti Yoga, Mother/Daughter/Son Yoga,  Vinyasa and completed her 200 Hour RYT Certification in January of 2021. Creating Wild Lotus Wellness in April of 2018, she had a strong desire to create a community that would allow for people of all walks of life to come together, support each other and to find their true inner self.  A safe place to let their “Inner Wild” shine. 


Desiree's yoga/wellness journey began around six years ago, when she walked into her first Buti Yoga Class in a small town in Eastern Oregon. At that time, she was in a life transition and was searching for more meaning. She wanted to connect with her spirituality and to find something that would help her feel more confident in her own skin. After taking her first Buti Yoga class, she was able to connect to her inner confidence; through yoga her life began to transform in the most beautiful of ways. 

She believes yoga is more than a practice: It is a way of life. 


Over time, you begin to incorporate the lessons you learn from it into all of the areas of your life.  Creating a life full of being present, doing the things that make you happy, and living to your highest potential. She hopes to share these lessons with everyone that walks through the doors. She wants everyone to feel loved, accepted, empowered, find their inner power, and ultimately, help them live their best life!


When Desiree is not teaching, she enjoys adventuring with her husband, three daughters and pup. She is a lover of traveling, adventuring, self-exploration, tiny homes, bus living, straw bale houses, dancing, hiking, hot-springing, camping, swimming, and sunbathing. She look's forward to meeting and practicing with you and hopes that you know that you are welcomed and loved at Wild Lotus Wellness. 

Wild Lotus Wellness is located at

2820 Broadway St

Baker City, OR 97814


Join us or message at

You are welcomed!

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